Radu Cosasu

Radu Cosasu is one of Romania’s most highly regarded writers. Between 1973 and 1989 he published a six volume cycle of novels entitled Survivals (Cartea Romaneasca), inspired by his political and literary experience, employing consistent self criticism pushed to the point of self irony. After 1989, the Survivals cycle, without having been subjected to opportunistic post revolution alterations, was republished in chronological order, allowing a new reading of the work, in the classic sense of the “sentimental education” and also in the postmodern sense of the auto fiction. Since 1997, he has written a weekly column for Gazeta Sporturilor. In 2007, the Writers Union awarded him its National Prize for Literature. Polirom has published the following series of works by Radu Cosasu : Works I: Personal Monkeys. Tales to Tame My Lover. Another Two Years on a Block of Ice (2008), Works II: A Life with Laurel and Hardy. Sonatinas (2009), Works III: Five Years with Belphegor. The Aunts from Tel Aviv (2009), Works IV: Survivals : 1. Petit-bourgeois Residues, 2. My Cavalry Army (2011), Works V: Survivals : 3. Logic (2013), and Works VI: Survivals : 4. Back When I Didn’t Think about Death, 5. The Hornets (2014).


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