Daniel Vighi

Daniel Vighi was born on 9 October 1956. He is a prose writer of the Eighties Generation, essayist, and professor of Contemporary Romanian Literature at the Western University in Timisoara. His books include : Stories about Warehouse Street (1985), Cardboard Wallachia (1996), Apocalypse 9 (1999), The Hale Bopp Comet (2007), The Appeasement Commission (2009), The History from a Shoebox (2013). His novels include : Note on Previous Years (1989), December, Ten O’ Clock (1997), Summer Island (1999), The Mysteries of Castle Solitude or On Loneliness in Wintertime (2004), and his collections of essays include The Temptation of the Orient (1998), Sorin Titel: Monograph (2000), Honour and Honorarium (2007), Graffiti with Tutea: Essay on the Insignificant (2014). He writes for Vatra, Dilema Veche, Observator cultural, 22, Orizont, and Familia magazines. He has been awarded numerous national and international prizes. He is a member of the Romanian Writers Union. His Corso Trilogy won the 2016 Observator cultural Prize for Prose.



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