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Iulian Bocai (born 1986) took a Degree in Universal and Comparative Literature at the University of Bucharest. From 2010 to 2012 he took a Master’s Degree in the Theory of Literature at the same university, and since 2015 has been studying for a PhD in Intellectual History, also holding seminars on the Theory of Literature and on Modern Poetry in the Literature Faculty. From time to time, he translates from English, French and German. Apart from that, he writes whatever comes into his head and would like to make a permanent occupation out of...

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018

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Prita Barsacu was born and raised in a village on the plain by the Olt River, near a hydroelectric plant, which often claims its tribute of human lives, transforming them into electricity. The boy travels through the world of childhood against the current, candid and inquisitive, with a precocious passion for the natural sciences, resembling nobody else, but required to resemble everybody else. His meteoric path through life is an adventure of discovery, bringing him knowledge of human nature, but also, above all, the world of animals, to which he feels the same closeness as the first naturalists, employing the innocent rigour of the amateur taxonomist. Iulian Bocai’s “bildungsnovella” is a kaleidoscope of early childhood in a world of material want, cruelty and violence, and its strength resides in its irony and equally its depth of understanding, which prevents the story from becoming another social fable, instead turning it into an attempt to salvage from oblivion an anonymous, beautiful and untamed world.


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