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Lucia Daramus is a writer and artist of Jewish origin. She studied Ancient Greek and Latin at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, where she also took an M.A. in Linguistics. She has published academic studies, translations, poetry, essays, short stories, and plays in literary magazines in Romania (Steaua, Tribuna, Vatra, Cultura, Poesis, Dacia literara, Contemporanul, Convorbiri literare), France, Germany, the U.K., Canada, and other countries. Her published work includes LIM-LIN (poetry, 2002), Limelfice (poetry, 2003), Facing the Light (essays, 2004), The Fantastic Maggot (poetry, 2006), The Rainbow of Stories (short stories, 2007), Myths and Legends of Antiquity (essays, 2008), More than Psychosis (novel, 2010), Lumina/The Light (poetry, 2013), Fly, Madness, Fly! (theatre, 2017). She...

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018, 208 pages

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In 1944, the Horthy regime rounded up a huge number of Transylvanian Jews and herded them onto trains headed for the ovens of Auschwitz. Among them was a ten-year-old girl, Hannya Moscovici, deported with her father. The little girl cannot really understand what is happening, but she senses that her life has taken a terrifying turn. She creates for herself a refuge in Limelfia, a fantastic realm where nothing bad can harm her, populated with supernatural beings of infectious gaiety, but her adventures there cannot save her from the monstrous experiments of Dr Mengele. Around her unfold the unimaginable stories of the adults, whose suffering she tries to soothe by inviting them into her fairy-tale world, but the hell of the Nazi concentration camp transforms people and they become capable of anything in their desperate struggle for survival. The Convoy of the Lambs views the Holocaust through the eyes of a child, intertwining the naivety of childhood with the brutality of adulthood, the fantastic with the real, purity with inconceivable cruelty, all against the backdrop of one of the greatest tragedies in human history.


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