Petru Cimpoesu

Petru Cimpoesu (b. 1952) was born in 1952. He is one of the leading novelists of recent years. He made his debut in 1983, with a collection of short stories titled Memories from the Provinces. His other works include : Natural (1985), Unintentional Hero (1994, awarded the Jassy Writers Association Prize), A Kingdom for a Fly (1995), The Tale of the Great Brigand (2000, awarded the Jassy Branch of the Writers Union Prize), Simion the Liftite: Novel with Angels and Moldavians (2001, awarded the Writers Union Prize). Simion the Liftite has been published in translation in Czechia, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, France and Hungary, and in Czechia it was awarded the Magnesia Litera Prize. Christina the Maid and the Soul Hunters (2006) was awarded the Writers Union Prize, the Romanian Academy Prize, and the Observator cultural Prize. Polirom has published The Tale of the Great Brigand (2nd edition, 2007), Simion the Liftite (2nd edition, 2007; 3rd edition, 2011), Nine Old Prose Pieces: Illicit Fictions (2008), Natural (2nd edition, 2010) and The Other Simion (2015).


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