Adela Greceanu


Adela Greceanu (the pen-name of Adela Maria Duţu) was born in Sibiu in 1975. She published three poetry collections: The Title of My Collection, which Preoccupies Me So Much… (Eminescu Publishing House, 1998), Miss Quasi (Vinea, 2001) and The Straight in the Heart Understanding (Paralela 45, 2004). Member of the Romanian Writers Union since 2000 and of then PEN Club Romania since 2006, journalist for the Cultural Department of the Public Radio in Romania since 1998, Adela Greceanu is now the editor of a broadcast called Noua revistă vorbită (The New Spoken Magazine) – a spoken literary magazine for the Cultural Department of the Public Radio in Romania. Fragments from her books have been translated by now in English, German, Swedish, Slovenian and Hungarian. ...

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2009, 224 pages

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Book presentation

The Bride in Red Socks is the first novel of an author who is well-known as a poet in Romania. This is a very strong and original narrative voice, an astonishing and very well written series of characters concur to create an atmosphere which you hardly find in contemporary literature. You can read it as a book about love. But you can also read it as a book about silence – on many voices.


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