Ana Maria Sandu

Ana Maria Sandu was born in 1974. She studied Literature at Bucharest University, where she also went on to take a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Romanian Literature. She made her literary debut in 2003, with the volume From the Memoirs of a Scall-headed Man, translated into French as L’ecorchure in 2010. She followed it with the novels The Girl from the Oblong House (Polirom, 2006) and Kill Me! (Polirom, 2010; Italian translation, 2012). She has been the guest of numerous international book fairs and has given public readings in Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Leipzig and New York. She has also published texts in the anthologies The Grandparents Book, First Time, Nouvelles de Roumanie and Rumänien heute. She works as an editor for Dilema veche magazine.



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