Daniel Banulescu

Daniel Banulescu (born 31 August 1960, in Bucharest) is one of the most profound contemporary Romanian poets and prose writers. He is a member of the Romanian Union of Writers and the Romanian PEN Club. He studied engineering at university, but has worked only as a journalist and writer. He made his literary debut with a collection of poems entitled Te voi iubi pin’ la sfirsitul patului (I’ll love you to the end of the bed), published in 1993. He has also published Balada lui Daniel Banulescu (The Ballad of Daniel Banulescu) (1997) ; an anthology of his poems, Republica Federală Daniel Banulescu (The Federal Republic of Daniel Banulescu) (2000) ; Daniel al rugaciunii (Daniel of the Prayer) (2002) ; a volume of plays, Cine a cistigat Războiul Mondial al Religiilor ? (Who Won the World War of Religions ?) (2004) ; and the novels Te pup în fund conducător iubit (I Kiss Your Arse, Beloved Leader) (1994), Cei sapte regi ai oraşului Bucuresti (The Seven Kings of Bucharest) (2000), and Cel mai bun roman al tuturor timpurilor (The Best Novel of All Time) (2008). The three novels make up a personal trilogy, which the author has entitled Am vazut lucrind degetul lui Dumnezeu (I have seen the Finger of God at Work). His poetry and prose have been translated into German, English, Italian, Serbian, and Dutch. He has
been the recipient of a number of writer’s grants in Germany and Austria, and has taken part in many international poetry and drama festivals.


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