Augustin Buzura

Augustin Buzura (1938-2017) made his literary debut in 1963, with a volume of short stories entitled Capul Bunei Speranţe (The Cape of Good Hope). In 1967, he published his second volume of short stories, De ce zboară vulturul (Why the Eagle Flies), before embarking on a series of major novels. His novels Absenţii (The Absent Ones) (1970), Feţele tăcerii (The Facets of Silence) (1974), Orgolii (Vainglories) (1977), Vocile nopţii (The Voices of Night) (1980), Refugii (Refuges) (1984) and Drumul cenuşii (The Road of Ash) (1992) defied communist censorship and brought the author celebrity, sympathy and solidarity on the part of his readers. Recviem pentru nebuni şi bestii (Requiem for Madmen and Beasts) (1999) is a novel of Romanian society in transition, which Augustin Buzura observes with the same impartial vigilance. All his novels have been published in multiple editions, both in Romania and in translation abroad, and he has received numerous literary awards. He has also written in other genres, such as the essay and the memoir. Augustin Buzura is Doctor Honoris Causa of the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, a corresponding member of the Sudosteuropa Gesellschaft, and a member of the Romanian Academy, the Brazilian Academy of Letters, and the Academy of Latinity.


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