Dragos Voicu

Dragos Voicu (born 9 June 1975, Bucharest) is a graduate of the Bucharest Academy of Military Technology, and took a Master’s Degree in Project Management at SNSPA. He currently works at the Ministry of Administrative and Home Affairs, in the field of project management. He has translated into English Sistemul integrat pentru securitatea frontierei (The Integrated System for Border Security) by Dumitru I. Popescu (Editura Univers Ştiinţific, Bucharest, 2006). He has published articles in "Univers Ingineresc", the fortnightly journal of the General Association of Romanian Engineers. In 2008, he won first place in a short story competition on the subject “Why do we love Bucharest?” The Queue, his first novel, enjoyed great success even before publication, as a result of his winning the Cartea Românească Annual Prize for Literary Debut in Prose.


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