Daniela Zeca

Daniela Zeca has Degrees in Literature and in Journalism and Communication Sciences from Bucharest University, as well as a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences. Since 2001, she has been a Doctor of Philology at the University of Bucharest and is a reader in the Press Department of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences. She has produced numerous radio broadcasts and published articles and reviews in Amfiteatru, Ramuri, Contemporanul, Luceafărul, Convorbiri literare and Studii culturale. As a programme maker for Romanian Television, she has been the author of more than two hundred broadcasts, including Arts Café, Library on Wheels, and Something to Read. At the end of 2006, she was named the Public Figure of the Year for Romania in the television section of the Eurolink Foundation and European Commission Awards. Since March 2003, she has been editor in chief of Literatura Arte, and is currently director of the TVR Cultural channel. Her published work includes Orfeea (Orphea) (poems, Editura Viitorul Românesc, 1994), Îngeri pe carosabil (Angels on the Roadway) (prose, Editura Coresi, 2000), Melonul domnului comisar (Mr Commissar’s Bowler Hat) (literary criticism, Editura Curtea Veche, 2005), Jurnalismul de televiziune (Television Journalism) (Polirom, 2005), Totul la vedere. Televiziunea dupa Big Brother (Everything on View : Television after Big Brother) (Polirom, 2007), and Veridical. Virtual. Ludic. Efectul real al televiziunii (Truthful. Virtual. Ludic. The Real Effect of Television) (Polirom, 2009).


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