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Mariana Codrut was born in 1956. She works as an editor for the “Alexandru I. Cuza” University Press in Jassy. In the Journalism Faculty of the same university, she teaches a seminar on writing for the press. She has published six collections of poetry: The Rose Brier in the Woodshed (Junimea, Jassy, 1982), Outline of a Self-Portrait (Junimea, Jassy, 1986), The Habits of a Summer’s Night (Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest, 1989), Acute Existence (Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest, 1994), Blanc (Vinea, Bucharest, 2000), and The Final Homeland (Paralela 45, Piteşti, 2007). Her novel The House with the Yellow Blinds (Polirom, 1997) was awarded the Prize of the Jassy Writers Association. She has also published a collection of short stories, Ul Baboi and Other Tales (Polirom,...

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Novel, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2007, 192 pages

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The Nude of Diana is a tense, vivid incursion into the world of Romania today, a novel that is realistic but also teems with poetic, magical description. The protagonist, Pavel, is torn between two obsessions: the great love that is central to his life, for Veronica, the girl he grew up with and who died in Spain, where, like so many Romanians seeking to escape poverty, she had travelled as a migrant worker, and his fascination with Diana, the new girl at the restaurant where he works, who, by an affectionate word, unleashes in him a flood of long-buried memories, like Proust’s madeleine. The relationship between Pavel and the aloof, elusive Diana, ‘the goddess of hunting,’ which stretches over the course of the whole novel, but mainly in the protagonist’s own mind and daydreams, is, however, nothing but a screen, a conduit for the real love of his life, a love that remains forever locked in the past because of Veronica’s tragic fate.




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