Marta Petreu

Marta Petreu is a writer and university professor. She came to prominence as a writer in the intellectual ambience of the Echinox literary movement, at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. She is Professor of the History of Romanian Philosophy at the Babes-Bolyai University, and since 1990 she has been editor-in-chief of "Apostrof" magazine. She made her literary debut in 1981, with a volume of poems titled Aduceti verbele (Bring the Words). Her other volumes of poetry include: Dimineata tinerelor doamne (Morning of the Young Ladies, 1983); Loc psihic (Psychical Locus, 1991); Poeme nerusinate (Shameless Poems, 1993); Cartea miniei (The Book of Rage, 1997); Apocalipsa dupa Marta (The Apocalypse according to Marta, 1999); Falanga (Phalanx, 2001); and Scara lui Iacob (Jacob’s Ladder, 2006). Éditions Le Temp qu’il Fait published a collection of her poems, Poèmes sans vergogne, in 2005. As an essayist and historian of Romanian philosophy she has published numerous books, including Jocurile manierismului logic (The Games of Mannerist Logic, 1995), Un trecut deocheat sau “Schimbarea la fata a Romaniei” (An Infamous Past, or ‘The Transfiguration of Romania’, 1999; 2nd edition, 2004; published in the United States in 2005, with the title An Infamous Past: E. M. Cioran and the Rise of Fascism in Romania), Despre bolile filosofilor. Cioran (On the Illnesses of Philosophers: Cioran, 2008; published in Serbia with the title O bolestima filozofa. Cioran). In 2004 and 2006, she published two collections of interviews with leading Romanian intellectuals, titled Conversatii cu… (Conversations with…). She has published a number of thematic volumes of confessions: In lumea tatilor (In the World of the Fathers, 2004), Cele 10 porunci (The Ten Commandments, 2007), and Scriitorul si trupul sau (The Writer and Her Body, 2007). Her work has been included in numerous anthologies of poetry published in Romania and abroad. Likewise, her philosophical studies have been published in numerous collections of essays. She has won a number of national and international prizes and is a member of the Union of Romanian Writers and the Apostrof Cultural Foundation. As well as On the Illnesses of Philosophers (1st edition, 2008; 2nd edition 2010), Polirom has also published her book Diavolul si ucenicul sau: Nae Ionescu – Mihail Sebastian (The Devil and His Apprentice: Nae Ionescu – Mihail Sebastian, 2009, 2nd edition, 2010). In 2011, Polirom inaugurated an Author Series dedicated to Marta Petru, which to date has published her novel At Home, on the Plain of Armageddon; her complete poems, The Apocalypse according to Marta; and the essay Cioran, or An Infamous Past.


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