Matei Florian

Matei Florian (b. 1979) He made his literary debut in 1997, publishing a number of poems in "Cuvîntul" magazine. In 1998, he became a reporter for "Dilema" magazine (now renamed "Dilema Veche"), for which he later started writing his own regular column. He has contributed reportages, literary reviews and short plays to the cultural press and radio. In 2008, he was awarded the Music Criticism Prize at the Gala of Romanian Cultural Journalism. His debut as a novelist was The Băiuţ Alley Lads (Polirom, 2006; 2nd edition, 2007), co-written with his brother, Filip Florian. The novel was greeted with critical acclaim and was a great success with the Romanian reading public. The book’s Romanian success also piqued the interest of a number of European publishing houses, and it is now in press in Poland (Czarne), Spain (Acantilado) and Bulgaria (Panorama+). The novel Both Hams And Regretel, published in 2009, has reconfirmed Matei Florian’s literary talent, and has been widely praised in the Romanian cultural sphere.








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