Ioana Baetica Morpurgo

Ioana Baetica Morpurgo was born in 1980. She studied Literature at Bucharest University and then took an MA in Cultural Anthropology at SNSPA. She has researched the subject of the culture of transition in post-communist Romania at the University of Exeter, where she has also taught a seminar on Contemporary Society. She has published articles on literary and socio-cultural subjects in magazines including Romania Literara, Dilema Veche, Academia Catavencu, Observator cultural, New Internationalist, Contemporary Review, Lichtungen, Buchkultur. She has contributed essays and short prose to various anthologies: The Book of Grandparents (2007), The Review of Contemporary Fiction (2010), Erotographos 50+1 (2010), Best Of: Short Prose of the 2000s (2013), Stories about Women Writers and Mothers (2014), 10,000 Characters (2017). Her first book, Registration Slip (Polirom, 2004), was selected for the Romania Literara Debut Prize. Her novel The Immigrants (Polirom, 2011) was awarded a Kulturkontakt Vienna creative writing bursary. She also published at Polirom the novel Shrapnel. The Hubris Part (2017). Her prose has been translated into Spanish, English, Serbian, Albanian, German and Italian. In 2016, in an (abortive) attempt to derail the Brexit train, she organised a series of lectures and debates on the subject of Europe, a spirit in common. Since 2004, she has lived in the south of England, where she writes, plays the piano, swims in the sea, and runs Lectures on Everything, a project focused on the hedonism of ideas.


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