Ioana Baetica Morpurgo

Ioana Baetica Morpurgo was born in 1980. She graduated from the Literature Faculty of Bucharest University and went on to take a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology at S.N.S.P.A. In 2004, she began studying for a Ph.D. at Exeter University with a thesis on the subject of cultural transition in post-communist Romania. At Exeter University she has also taught a seminar on contemporary society. She has published numerous articles on literary and socio-cultural topics in Romania literara, Dilema veche, Timpul, Vatra, Deci, Academia Catavencu, Observator cultural, New Internationalist, Contemporary Review, and other publications. She has contributed short prose and essays to various anthologies, including Cartea cu bunici (The Book of Grandparents, 2007), The Review of Contemporary Fiction (2010), and Erotographos 50+1 (2010). Her volume of short prose, Fisa de inregistrare (Record Slip, Polirom, 2004), was nominated for the Romania Literara Prize for Literary Debut. Ioana Baetica Morpurgo currently lives in the south of England, where she writes, gives piano lessons, and runs a project called “Lectures on Everything,” which aims to celebrate the hedonism of ideas.


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