Andrei Ruse

Andrei Ruse was born in Bucharest on 16 December 1985. He has initiated a number of online cultural projects, including Sketche in 2006, in 2008, and magazine in 2010. He has also worked in partnership with other sites and run various campaigns to promote books. He has attended various conferences to promote reading, including the National Congress of Communications Students, Webstock, and Webevent. He has organised numerous events in Bucharest, the most recent being Reading Club, a twice-monthly meeting involving public readings and discussions focussed on recently published or forthcoming Romanian books and their authors. In 2007, he made his literary debut with a volume of poetry titled Black Job (Editura Vinea), and in 2008 published a novel titled Soni (Editura Tritonic). Andrei Ruse is famous for having made the first video trailer for a Romanian book. He has also produced a series of video poems, video interviews, trailers and various documentary, as well as experimental, films. His best-known documentary is Poetry. Power (2009), which he worked on with Razvan Tupa and which has been screened in cities all around Romania, as well as in the Republic of Moldova (Kishinev), Germany (Berlin) and the Czech Republic (Prague).


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