Magda Carneci

Magda Carneci (born 1955) has published a number of volumes of poetry in Romanian: Hipermateria (Hypermatter, 1980), O tacere asurzitoare (A Deafening Silence, 1984), Haosmos (Chaosmos, 1992), Poeme politice (Political Poems, 2000). She has also published two collections of essays: Arta anilor ’80. Texte despre postmodernism (The Art of the 80s. Texts on Postmodernism, 1996) and Poetrix. Texte despre poezie (Poetrix. Texts on Poetry, 2002). In other languages, she has published the volumes Psaume (1997) and Trois saison poétiques (2008) in French; Chaosmos (2004), in Dutch; and Chaosmos (2006) in English. Her prose work is included in the French-language anthologies Paris par écrits (2002) and Le sacré aujourd’hui (2003). She is the co-editor of the anthology Perspectives roumaines. Du postcommunisme à l’intégration européenne (Paris, 2004). In 2007, Éditions L’Harmattan (Paris) published her Art et pouvoir en Roumanie, 1945-1989.


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