Corina Sabau

Corina Sabau was born in Cimpulung Muscel in 1975. Her debut novel, Block 29, Flat 1 (Polirom, 2009), was awarded the Prize for Debut Noel at the Colloquia on the Romanian Novel held in Alba Iulia and was nominated for the Prometheus and the Observator Cultural awards. The novel was also selected at the First Novel Festival in Chambéry, France. With director Radu Jude, she is the co-author of the screenplay for Everybody in Our Family (Hi Film Productions), which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2012 and has won the Grand Prize at the Sarajevo International Film Festival, the Prize for Best Romanian Film at the Transylvania International Film Festival, and the Prize for Best Direction and Audience Prize at the Bucharest International Film Festival. Love, Nothing Less is Corina Sabau’s second novel.


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