Liliana Corobca

Liliana Corobca was born on 10 October 1975 in the village Saseni, Calarasi raion, Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia. She made her debut with the novel Negrissimo (Arc, 2003; Prometheus Debut Award of Romania Literara magazine, Union of Moldavian Writers Prose Debut Award) and a work of literary criticism, The Character in the Inter-war Romanian Novel (2003). She has published the novels A Year in Paradise (2005; translated into Italian and German), Kinderland (2013, Polirom, 2005; translated into German and Slovenian; Cartea Romaneasca bestseller at the Bookfest Book Fair, 2013; awarded the Radio Romania Cultural Prize for Prose and the Crystal Prize at the Vilenica International Festival, Slovenia, in 2014), The Empire of Old Maids (2015), Censor’s Notebook (Polirom, 2017), The End of the Road (Polirom, 2018). She has also written a three-act dramatic monologue, Censorship for Beginners, which was published in Austria in 2014. She has published academic works on communist censorship, literary exile, and natives of Bukovina deported to Siberia. She has taken up writer’s residencies in Germany, Austria, France, and Poland.


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