Gabriel Chifu

Gabriel Chifu was born on 22 March 1954 in Calafat. He is the vice-president of the Union of Romanian Writers and the executive director of ”Romania literara” magazine. He made his literary debut in 1976, with a volume of poems, Refuge in the Heart. He has published eight collections of poetry: The Eruptive Real (1979), An Interpretation of Purgatory (1982), Crème de la Crème (1983), The Unbounded Man (1987), The Story of a Latin Country from the East (1994), At the Edge of God (1998), The Blind Man’s Cane (2003), Notes from a Mysterious Realm (Cartea Romaneasca, 2004), and A Hundred Poems (preface by Nicolae Manolescu, Ramuri, 2006). His first published prose work was the novel Where the Eagles Rest (1987), which was followed by the novels The Wave and the Rock (1989), The Marathon of the Vanquished (1997), The Cartographer of Power (2000), The Tales of Cesar Leofu (2002), and a collection of short prose, Fragments from the Astounding History of the World by Gabriel Chifu and also Recounted by Him (2009). Polirom has published two of his novels: The Dream of the Child Who Walks over the Snow without Leaving Footprints, or, The Invisible, a Detailed Description (2004) and Account of My Death, or, Essay on Solitude (2007). He has been awarded numerous literary prizes, including the Prize of the Union of Romanian Writers, which he has received four times: for Literary Debut, in 1976, for Novel, in 1997, and for Poetry, in 1998 and 2011.


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