Cornel George Popa

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Novel, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2016, 200 pages

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Critics about

“The book is not about the andropause, but about how to elude old age. How to stay alert and how to learn to live without prejudices, without anxieties, how to be happy among so many people who want only to be normal. Mihnea Pascal, the main character of the novel, a venerable pensioner, finds himself face to face with his own thoughts after his wife dies, face to face with the life still remaining to him, face to face with a kind of freedom that frightens him. Even if he does not succeed in ridding himself of his wife’s memory, which binds him to the past, the pensioner abruptly decides to rebuild his life. A journey into the introspective world of a man who realises that life ends only when you depart for the next world. Other than that, every age in life has its own beauty and challenges.

(Leonard RELEA)

“Cornel George Popa is one of the few Romanian prose writers who write well about anything at all. He does not tell and retell his own life story endlessly, but tells us the story of our lives, understanding our lives better than we understand them ourselves.” 



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