Razvan Radulescu

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Novel, ”Ego. Prose” series, Polirom, 2008 (2nd edition), 264 pages

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Critics about

“I think that it is now possible to discuss political fiction in the Romanian novel of the last fifteen years. In Răzvan Rădulescu, the emphasis is on the comical, on the inadequacy of the Securitate to the real world (a real which, in the order of this narrative, includes the fantastical!), exactly in the sense of the first chapter of Bergson’s book: the Securitate reacts like a comic mechanism, it investigates as though it were reacting mechanically. As though it had suddenly jumped out of a box.”

(Bogdan SUCEAVĂ)

“When you know how to tell a story, regardless of where the action is set, you have every chance of becoming enchanting, as Răzvan Rădulescu is, and a success with readers.”

(Ovidiu ȘIMONCA)

“An excellent novel!”

(Doru BUȘCU)

“The name of the author is today more resonant, thanks to the screenplays he has co‑written for films that have given a new face to Romanian cinema (Goods and Money, Niki Ardelean, Colonel in Reserve, The Death of Mr Lăzărescu, The Paper will be Blue), as well as his critically acclaimed novel Theodosius the Smaller. Elijah Cazane is a prose work such as there have been very few in the last decade.”



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